Bollywood, which is located in Mumbai and produces Hindi-language films, is a part of the wider Indian Film Industry. Bollywood, also known as Hindi Cinema, is India’s largest film producer, accounting for 45 percent of the country’s net film earnings. In 2014, Bollywood produced 252 films in India, out of a total of 1969 films.

By influencing music films, Bollywood has become a part of the Indian storey. Bollywood continues to make a lot of money thanks to the sales of Hindi films all over the world, particularly in Asian countries, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The increased revenue from movie sales has also benefited Hindi actors substantially.


Pollywood is a Punjabi film business that produces films in the Punjabi language in India . Because of the high quality and quantity of Punjabi films produced, Pollywood has become synonymous with the Indian Punjab, particularly in the twenty-first century. Punjabi cinema has expanded from five films produced in 1997 to over 100 films produced annually.

Pollywood currently invests a lot of money on film production and employs both homegrown and Bollywood actors. The film industry’s gross earnings have also expanded dramatically, with some films grossing more than $10 million.


Chhollywood is a film industry in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Chhollywood is a film industry that produces films in the Chhattisgarhi language. The state of Chhattisgarh was founded on October 30, 2000, as a direct result of the blockbuster movie produced by Chhollywood’s Satish Jain.

Chhollywood has the ability to complete a film and merely sends it to Mumbai for censorship. Digitalization has aided the film business in lowering production costs.

Film Industries Around The World With Hollywood Inspired

Rank Film Industry Base Location
1 Bollywood Mumbai-based Hindi language film industry, India
2 Pollywood Punjabi language film industry in India and Pakistan
3 Lollywood. Urdu and Punjabi films of Pakistani film industry in Lahore.
4 Chhollywood Chhattisgarhi language film industry based in Chhattisgarh, India
5 Tollywood Bengali film industry in West Bengal, India/Telugu film industry in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
6 Kollywood Tamil language film industry, based in Chennai, India./Nepal’s film industry
7 Mollywood Malayalam film industry in Kerala, India
8 Sandalwood Kannada language film industry in Karnataka, India.
9 Jollywood Assamese language film industry in Guwahati, Assam
10 Ollywood Film industry of Orissa, India in Oriya language
11 Sollywood y. Sindhi film industry
12 Dhaliwood Film industry of Bangladesh
13 Kariwood Karachi based film industry of Pakistan
14 Kaliwood Nepali cinema based in Kathmandu
15 Dhollywood Film industry based in Gujarat, India in the Gujarati language
16 Ghollywood Film industry in Ghana
17 Hillywood Film industry in Rwanda
18 Kannywood Film industry based in Kano, Nigeria
19 Nollywood Film industry based in Lagos, Nigeria
20 Riverwood Film industry in Kenya
21 Sollywood Film industry in Sierra Leone
22 Swahiliwood Cinema in Tanzania
23 Ugawood Film industry based in Uganda
24 Zollyuwood Cinema of Zimbabwe
25 Chollywood Peruvian film industry
26 Mollywood Mormon film industry in the US
27 Hallyuwood South Korean cinema